Tormenta Jobarteh will take you away on a magical journey to the kingdom of stories, myths and songs: the kingdom of the African “Griot” tradition, with fables accompanied by the Cora, a cross between a 21-stringed harp and a lute.

“Stories are like gemstones from a great treasure trove; a trove from which all peoples take and give. When told, they come to life and reveal their beauty. Their images and figures, filled with wisdom and humor, touch the soul and invite one to a trip inside oneself, a journey between dreams and reality.”

With his show “Taling-Taling”, Tormenta Jobarteh, who, in Boraba, Gambia, was taught the way of the Griot – a musician and storyteller, will enchant you and take you away to that fantastic land. He speaks of hearts with great power and a contagious liveliness. At the same time, he accompanies himself virtuously on the Cora. Stories, music, and rhythm – and traditional tales of the Mandinga-Griots.

Tormenta Jobarteh has been a guest at international storytelling festivals in many countries: Columbia, USA, Switzerland, Italy ,Austria, Belgium, Gambia, Senegal,Togo,Ivory Coast ,Marocco, France, Spain, Finland, India, and many cities in Germany.