New Single: coming soon 15.4.2022

New single: I AM

I feel a need to tell you that the last 2 1/2 since the beginning of Corona was a transforming time of my life. In tandem with the pandemic, the so-called incurable disease, Focal Dystonia appeared in my body. Through a complete change of consciousness, I was able to heal myself of this disease. (brain disorder) I could start to play kora again. The song is a blues song.

The text tells the story of my connection to the One who is always with me and is the source of life for all time. It has led me to wake up and be who I really am. Consciousness! Thanks to my soul sister Miriama who always believed in me. And so we recorded the song I AM live with only kora, slide guitar and vocals.

Kora,voc: Tormenta Jobarteh

Slide Guitar, voc: Miriam Broady

Sound & Recording: Felix Occionero